Christmas Story in Song – Great way to learn!

Have you ever had a terrifying moment? I am sure all of us have....we are awestruck by something that is happening to us and we don't know what the outcome will be. I think every parent who holds their newborn baby for the first time realizes how their life will change from that moment on....

But just imagine for a are the mother of Jesus and you've just been given this amazing gift and are unsure of all that will happen for you...and the world.

scene in stable

As the wise men and the shepherds bow to worship this tiny baby, they are showing how to tell a story without saying a word. They realize that this is a new beginning for all the people of the world.

This story is beautifully sung by this couple, Casey and Kelsey, with the words of the song "Hallelujah" changed for the Christmas story. Listen here and see how you understand in just a few minutes what the sacrifice was for God coming to Earth and saving us all 🙂

This is the Christian tradition - if you don't believe, just watch and be amazed at how a song (and the story within) is worth a thousand words 🙂

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