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Are you working towards a goal or need to take a placement test? Or are you trying to succeed at work? All my lessons focus on practical communication and confidence with Business English. Learn the correct way to express yourself in professional situations.

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In my one-to-one classes you will learn:

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  • Giving a presentation
  • Conversation with a colleague

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About Me

Hi. My name is Laurel Archer of Laurel's Learning Lab. Welcome to my online office! 🙂

I live in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA. I have been a teacher for about 30 years, helping elementary students to adults learn English for school, test prep and business advancement. I am passionate about helping people use English in their work and professional lives. I think there are many ways to learn English - we can find the one you love 🙂

In my free time, I love to watch foreign films, sing with my husband, and travel and meet new people.

Laurel Archer

My Qualifications

English Level: Native Speaker      Accent: American

Experience: 20 years teaching in various classrooms, adult classes, and private students --- 10 years with my own business Cary Tutor (local to Cary, NC) and then Laurel's Learning Lab (online courses and classes & social media)

Qualifications: Teaching Certificate in Illinois
Education: Bachelor of English/Minor in French and Master in Education/Reading

For more about me & social media links: visit me at


Alice Sato

Brazil, 33



Brazil, 32

 You’re an amazing teacher with the kindest heart! You have a very unique way of teaching, that motivates and engages the students. You inspire learners to embrace the English language...You’ve been a huge encouragement to me, helping me to build confidence in myself.



Japan, 24

I took Laurel’s class twice a week for two months. I learned a lot about pronunciation from her. This is one of the hardest things when I communicate with people, but I feel I am getting better. Finally I have the confidence to talk English. She is very charming and kind.



Congo, 18

I needed English for my college classes, and I was new to the U.S. She helped me with pronunciation and feel more confident with my English.

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