New Year – New Experiences!

New Year is the best time to make resolutions, isn't it? That's a big word - "resolutions". It means to "resolve to do something". If you resolve to do something, it's like a promise to yourself. I WILL lose weight, or start a new sport, or do something I've never done before...

Well, my friends invited me to this annual Chinese Lantern Festival, and they had an extra ticket 🙂 So I invited my husband, who has lived here in Raleigh all of his life, and never been here, to come with us. He was very glad he did - it was AMAZING 🙂

This collection of lighted wire sculptures travels all the way from China every year to come to our town at the holidays - we went to the last night on January 9th. It is a HUGE display, covering the whole area, and I just kept taking pictures and little videos showing how amazing it is ... this is a kaleidoscope box that we could stand in and take cool pics 🙂

Want to see more?

My Night at the Chinese Lantern Festival - click here 🙂

So....step out and find those new experiences! You never know what you might find if you step out of your comfort zone and become a more adventurous person!

Happy New Year 2022 to everyone! 😀

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