Why do they speak so fast?

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If you have ever been in a business meeting like this, you know it's hard to understand everything that the speaker says, and even harder to communicate your point or ask a question.

What can you do to make this easier?

Begin to listen to a lot of American speech in TED talks, podcasts, Youglish videos (specific words said in many videos - www.youglish.com), and even training videos at your job.  Have conversations with co-workers and ask them to explain what you don't understand when they use idioms or jokes or talk about a subject that is new to you. Get USED to the sounds of the language, and how fast-talking native speakers say things. It is not from a textbook or even an English class, but REAL life 🙂

Do you want to know how Americans speak so fast and why we don't say words completely? This is spoken English, and we say a lot of reduced vowels and contractions when we speak, as well as some slang expressions, even in business settings.

After you know the way to say vowels correctly in English (long & short and more!) then you need to learn the contractions and slang words as well. Email me at laurelslearninglab@gmail.com for more tips on this and a free study guide.

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