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Is Poor English Pronunciation a Problem for You?

Doing global business means you need to express yourself and communicate clearly with English speakers.

But having a conversation with advanced level English speakers can be frustrating.

It is especially difficult to understand American pronunciation if you come from a British background. A few vowel changes will make it much easier for you to be understood by American colleagues and feel much more confident in your English pronunciation.

Phonics Cheat Sheet - Long & Short Vowels

When you download my study guide PDF you will learn how to say Long & Short Vowels correctly in English, with examples and tips to help you understand how to distinguish them.

Your boss, colleagues, and business partners will be impressed with your newfound skills and confidence.

And it's 100% FREE!

  • What are Long Vowels?
  • What are Short Vowels?
  • How are "I" and "E" different in English?
  • What are the rules for Long Vowels?
  • What are Homonyms and why are they important?
  • What are key differences between British & American English?

And more ...

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"Phonics Cheat Sheet - Long & Short Vowels"

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